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  • Greenville Mental Health Center Team Responds to Community Crises

    Greenville Mental Health Center’s Disaster Team joined two other Upstate mental health disaster teams in providing much needed crisis assistance and disaster response in both South and North Carolina. More...

  • Responding to Mass Shootings

    The emotional toll from mass shootings, such as in Orlando earlier this year, continue to resonate both locally and nationally. Following these tragedies, mental health support can make a substantial difference in beginning to heal a traumatized community. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) has tools and resources to support survivors, community members, responders, and behavioral health providers to foster recovery and resilience. SAMHSA Bulletin

  • Greenville Mental Health Center Wins Prestigious Dartmouth Award

    Greenville, SC – Johnson & Johnson-Dartmouth has selected Greenville Mental Health Center (Greenville MHC) as the recipient of the 2014 Achievement Award for its Independent Individual Placement & Supported Employment (IPS) program. Greenville MHC is recognized in collaboration with its vocational rehabilitation partner, the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department. Release

Community Resources

Tip Sheets - Adults

You Are Not Going Crazy! Stress Reactions Following a Sudden Traumatic Experience

Longer term Reactions to Traumatic Events - Post Traumatic Stress Reactions

Becoming Stronger at the Broken Places

Understanding Traumatic Grief - For individuals experiencing the traumatic death of a loved one

What Victims Want to Say to Clergy

Opportunities for Churches and Houses of Worship to Assist People in Crisis

Helping Victims Heal

Making Choices

Communicating with people in crisis

Caregiver Survival Tips

Tip Sheets - Children

Helping Children Cope with Trauma and Loss

Books for Children Experiencing a Loss or Trauma

Tips for Talking with Children after a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Guidelines for Working with Grieving Children

Building Resilience in Children

Helping Children After a Natural Disaster, Information for Families - SPANISH

Smart Phone Apps

Guide to Mental Health Apps for Smart Phones

Training and Education

  • No programs scheduled at this time.

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