South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Greenville Mental Health Center

Community Rehabilitation and Support Service

Consumers who are discharged from a psychiatric hospital, as well as those who have a major mental illness and live in the community, usually need continued support, rehabilitation, and treatment. The mission of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (Community Integration) Program is to assist clients in need of extended mental health services in attaining their highest level of functioning in the community. Hospitalized clients are visited to initiate plans for discharge and follow-up services.

Key Services

  • Assessment - treatment planning
  • Group Work Services - Groups utilize the Recovery model which focuses on Hope, Empowerment, Support, and Education.
  • Intensive Case Management Services - on-going services in the community that address issues of housing stability, money management, linkage with medical providers, and overall successful community tenure.
  • Employment Services - Individualized Placement and Support, work crews, and pre-vocational groups.
  • Individual Therapy Services