South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Greenville Mental Health Center

Other Services

  • Homeless Program - Our mental health professionals go into the community and concentrate on outreach and engaging in treatment persons that are homeless and dealing with a major mental illness. The program provides a continuum of services and works in collaboration with other homeless providers in the community. The staff helps people find shelter, food, clothing, financial resources, mental health treatment when necessary, and other assistance as identified with the goal to reduce the number of homeless mentally ill living on the street.
  • Supportive Employment - We work together with Vocational Rehabilitation to place patients with a chronic mental illness in productive, paying jobs. We provide support to these patients while they're working to help them succeed on the job.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services - A Master's level professional social worker, fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable in deaf culture, provides individual, family, and group counseling to deaf and hard of hearing persons who experience mental or emotional illnesses. This service is part of a larger network of treatment programs delivered to the deaf community by the SC Department of Mental Health. Our TTY telephone number is .
  • Consultation, Education, and Prevention Services - We seek to raise public awareness of mental health issues in our community through public relations efforts including talks, speeches, seminars, and press information. Special emphasis is placed on prevention of mental illness. Our staff provides a variety of educational programs designed in response to requests from the community.