South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Greenville Mental Health Center

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services

Our program for Children, Adolescents, and their Families consists of professionally trained staff that work with emotionally disturbed youth and provide a wide range of services for children and adolescents. Help is available for youth suffering from depression, behavior problems, poor peer relationships, withdrawal, physical and sexual abuse, and adolescents who are functioning below their normal level. These services place a strong emphasis on family involvement, helping to strengthen a family and give them hope for positive change. We work closely with assisting community agencies to assist in all types of treatment.

Key Services

  • Babynet - A program especially for children under the age of three.
  • Department of Social Services (DSS) and Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Affiliate Services.
  • Intensive Family Services - An in home service for families needing short-term intensive counseling.
  • Outpatient Counseling - includes individual, family, and group therapy, as well as parental training.
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services (PRS)
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • School Based Programs - within the following local elementary schools: AJ Whittenburg, Alexander, Armstrong, Augusta Circle, Berea, Blythe, Cherrydale, Duncan Chapel, E. North Street, Gateway, Heritage, Hollis, Monaview, Paris, Sara Collins, Slater-Marietta, Summit Drive, Taylors, Thomas E. Kerns, Welcome. Middle Schools: Berea, Greenville, Hughes, Lakeview, League, Northwest, Tanglewood. High Schools: Berea, Carolina, Greenville, JL Mann, Southside, Travelers Rest, Wade Hampton. Special Schools: Sullivan Center HSAP, West Greenville MSAP, West Greenville School (SpEd), Itenerate School-Based.
  • Forensics Services - The Greenville Mental Health Center and the Julie Valentine Center collaborated to develop a program that is now part of the Greenville Mental Health Center. The Julie Valentine Center provides services to children up to the age of eighteen and to developmentally delayed adults in Greenville and Pickens County. The forensic interviewer provides interviews at the Julie Valentine Center and works together with a multi-discipline team to help ensure the safety of the child. Most interviews are referred to the agency by DSS or law enforcement, during an investigation. On average, the forensic interviewer interviews over 200 children per year. The interviewer is also called to testify in the courts of South Carolina regarding the interviews.
  • Futures Program
  • Hispanic Services
  • MST Program
  • Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)
  • Young Adults in Transition (YAT)